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Pops of Color

Accent walls have always been a great way to use bold colors in a space without overwhelming the room. It helps create a focal point in an area that would otherwise blend into the background.

These Naperville homeowners were no strangers to the power of a well-placed accent wall. They had previously chosen a vibrant red for their fireplace wall in the family room. Paired with the vaulted ceiling, the living room would have had an overwhelming amount of blank wall space without the color.

Victory Red makes a statement

Eventually, the homeowners wanted a change. They instead chose a deep blue color (Sherwin Williams 6811 Honorable Blue) for the previously red wall. They also decided to carry that color into their kitchen for the inset window area. This choice helped maintain the flow from one room to another. It also gave the kitchen space it's own unique flair.

The blue color was such a hit the homeowners ended up using it for an accent wall in their garage as well. Blue has been known to be a calming color so they made a good choice in this space. Now when they pull into their garage after a hard day at work they will be greeted with a bright pop of color to welcome them home.

This was the first time I had been on a job site with a garage accent wall but I have to say it livened the space up. Plus our crew members refinished the floor with an epoxy coating to bring the garage back to life.

Once the work was completed it looked like a perfect place for outdoor projects and not just for parking cars anymore.

Honorable Blue welcomes you home

The remaining walls were painted with a combination of two lighter colors. The kitchen walls and some of the lower family room walls were painted with Antique Bisque (Gliden 0YY56/175). The homeowners chose Crisp Linen (Sherwin Williams 6378) for the upper family room walls and window wall in the same space.

On projects where there are a few different colors used in the same area, Fears Construction crew takes a few different steps to ensure all the information is understood and conveyed clearly. First we walk through with the homeowners and have them point out each area so the project manager is on the same page. Afterward, the project manager will go around and label each wall with the color they will be painted. Once the paint arrives the cans are labeled as well.

Another part of prepping a paint job is removing all furniture and knick-knacks from the area. Typically homeowners are advised to remove any breakable items themselves while Fears Construction will handle any of the heavier or less fragile items. When homeowners are short on space furniture is typically moved to the middle of the room and then covered in plastic while the guys work. The floors are protected with drop cloths or rosin paper depending on the flooring material.

Upon completion all items are placed back where they originally were, floors are swept or vacuum. Homeowners will never even know we were there except for new paint colors on the ceiling and walls.

If you are interested in giving your own home a color makeover give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to come out and give you a free estimate! In the meantime check out more pictures from this project below.

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