• Neal Querio

Restoration from the Flames

Accidents can happen at any time. From floods to fires, there are outside of our control that affects our lives. In the construction business we get a lot of calls from customers who want an area of their home remodeled or a room painted but other times we get calls from homeowners who must redo portions of their homes because of unforeseen circumstances.

Last year a past client contacted us about rebuilding a pole barn storage site he owned. The structure had caught fire and the integrity of the building was severely comprised.

However, the building owner was faced with two major problems on this project before work had even begun. The first issue was the property was under-insured. The homeowner would have liked to start from scratch on the building, but the budget would not allow for that.

The second issue was the building department required the structure to be rebuilt exactly like it was before the fire. Even if the budget had allowed for deviations in the design of the building, the inspectors would not allow it because of zoning restrictions.

From the outside you could barely tell anything had occurred except for the soot marks along the roof’s edge at the back of the building and the boards covering one garage door. However, the inside walls were a different story. The wall framing was covered in soot but structurally they were sound. The roof trusses, however, were charred beyond repair.

The existing roof panels and trusses were the first to go. Everything was then replaced which included 4 translucent sections of roofing to allow more natural light into the area.

Once the roof was completed, we garnet media blasted the existing wall framing. Yes, you read that correctly, garnet media blasted. It is a method of abrasive cleaning where garnet media is blasted against a surface with compressed air. It is a common practice for fire-damaged structures as it cleans up the smoke stains on the wood framing.

Afterward, we removed the old siding and replaced it with new before pressure washing the remaining concrete slab and installing two new garage doors and entry door.

From start to finish the project took about a month and a half to complete. Once it was over no one would ever know that anything had ever happened to this building.

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