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Victorian Era Kitchen Remodel

Built in the late 1800s, the home featured in this blog post had all the characteristics someone would look for in a historic residence. From the woodwork around every door frame to the soaring ceiling height, this house had all the charm. However the kitchen desperately need a style update, a fresh face for the years ahead.

With the help of a local design company, B Design, Fears Construction worked to enhance the classic elements of the home while bringing in trendy modern updates.

First, crew members removed all the existing cabinets, flooring and trim work before removing portions of drywall to accommodate certain electrical updates. Then the plumber and electrician came in to rework the mechanicals for the new and existing fixtures.

Afterwards the drywallers made all the necessary repairs before the painters started with the first coat on the walls.

Typically on jobs where tile work and cabinetry will be installed Fears Construction likes to paint at least one coat on the walls. That way they can take care of the cut lines where the wall meets the ceiling and floor without any flooring or trim work material in the way. It gives the job a more seamless look and the homeowner can be guaranteed full color coverage on the walls.

For this particular space the designer chose Benjamin Moore Classic Gray for the wall colors. Grays have been a popular color choice over the past few years as it helps with the resale value of homes and brightens up rooms with limited natural light.

After the first coat of paint was on the walls the floor tiling began.

The tile picked for the floor was Equilibrio Gray Encaustic Cement Tile from Floor and Décor. The pattern is an unexpected but a fantastic addition that doesn’t overwhelm the space but actually makes it feel bigger, more open.

Cement tile has been a popular trend for a while. Buyers like the matte finish and the edgy patterns available to them. However, there are certain quirks one should expect when using cement tile in a living space. This tile is extremely porous and has to be sealed before and after installation. It is recommended that the tile is resealed every 3 to 5 years. A special cleaner is also required for this type of tile, specifically, a neutral pH-type cleaner such as Zep Neutral pH floor cleaner or OdoBan No Rinse Neutral pH floor cleaner.

The large casement window above the sink was replaced with a new white oak single awning style window. White oak was also used for the casing and baseboard trim. All of the trim work and windows were stained with a custom color to match the existing wood. The cabinets, fabricated by Arbor Mills, were also built with the same white oak species and stained to match as well.

Once the cabinets were in and the quartz countertop, from ANG Granite and Cabinets, set the tile backsplash could be installed. Arctic White Brushed Arabesque tile from The Tile Shop was the final selection for that area.

Finally the new stainless-steel appliances were installed the kitchen was completed. What was once a dark out-dated space, now looks like a kitchen straight from the pages of a magazine.

If you like what you see contact Fears Construction to get started on your own project!

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