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What's an Epoxy Floor and Why Should You Have One?

Not many people know that when it comes to concrete floors there are a lot of options available to them. If you want an application that is going to be able to stand the test of time for your concrete floor, then epoxy is the way to go. There are different colors, sheens, and designs to choose from. A popular option among Fears Construction clients is an epoxy floor with a full broadcast, which means the entire floor is covered with color flakes.

Epoxy is superior to the standard concrete floor paint because it is two parts resin and one part hardener, which acts as a glue when combined. The regular concrete floor paint is usually one part oil or water-based, which can not withstand a long period of wear and tear.

The epoxy process starts with a grinder. Before crew members get the grinder out, they clean the floor of any debris and the area is completely sealed off with plastic. The floor grinder is then used to rough up the surface and even out any imperfect areas. Once the grinding process is completed, the area is vacuumed and cleaned again to clear all the dust from the space.

Preparing the floor requires a heavy duty grinder to even out the concrete

Now that the floor has been prepped, the color coat is applied and immediately followed by the color-flake application. The process is done in sections to ensure even application of epoxy coating and color flakes.

The job featured in the slide show below took Fears Construction about three days to finish. Completion time usually varies based on the overall square footage of the job. However, there is no maximum space size for an epoxy floor application just the amount of material necessary to finish the job.

Once the epoxy application is completed, your concrete floor will now be protected against moisture, stains, grease, and even cracks. Homeowners must wait 24 hours before walking on the floor and 48 hours before they move furniture back or park their vehicles on the surface. Dry times may be affected by temperature and humidity level but overall the standard dry times apply.

The pictures featured in the gallery below are of an epoxy floor with full broadcast. The color flakes are available in six different sizes. Color option booklets are available at Fears Construction’s main office.

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